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  • BB
    The people at The Insurance Center agency have been great at explaining...Read Full Review

    “I only like to deal with an insurance agent that I can see face to face and explain any problems that I might have. The people at The Insurance Center agency have been great at explaining what my policy covers and what kind of policies I can get at what rate. Anytime I had a problem they were right there to help me solve it.”

  • Elizabeth Seifer
    They were quick to get my family insured.Read Full Review

    “They were quick to get my family insured. We have very affordable policies, between the 2 vehicles and the home insurance. I reccomend our Erie coverage to everyone I talk to about insurance.”

  • Ray Gingo
    Quickly taking care of my needs when I call in with an issue.
  • Wanda Boreman Fetter
    5 Stars!
  • Thomas Michael Carlisle
    What's not to like about this company!Read Full Review

    “What’s not to like about this company! Ron, donna, kim, and gang have always given us 100% and have been a pleasure to. Do business with. I always recommend them to everyone.”

  • XX
    The customer care is beyond compare...Read Full Review

    “The customer care is beyond compare, Donna has saved me hundreds of dollars on my insurance, thank you, Donna.

  • Denny Brayer
    These folks have saved me $1,000's over the years on Auto and Home insurance.Read Full Review

    “These folks have saved me $1,000’s over the years on Auto and Home insurance. I highly recommend them.”

  • JR
    5 stars!
  • Ron, Donna, and Kelly certainly know how to take care of a customer.Read Full Review

    “Ron, Donna, and Kelly certainly know how to take care of a customer. From working with you to understand your policy, to staying on top of concerns during a claim, they provide top-notch customer service, with a friendly smile. Thanks to you all for providing such great care to your customers! Could not recommend enough!”

  • RS
    Thanks for all you do!Read Full Review

    “I switched insurance to the Insurance Centre Agency four years ago because my sister Milly was insured here and very happy. My previous insurance rates were too high for my clean driving record and the Insurance Centre Agency was able to offer me better coverage for less money. Everyone is always so helpful and willing to help me with anything I ask – I just love coming in and talking with everyone! Thanks for all you do!”

  • Dustin Gray
    5 Stars!
  • PA
    Thank you so much for all you did for us.Read Full Review

    “Don and I still can’t get over how well you took care of our situation after the accident. Such kindness and caring and everything was settled quickly and we certainly were more than pleased with the final settlement. Your adjuster was just great to help us and so concerned. Thank him also for us. We have told many folks about our experience with your company and of course highly recommend you to them. We greatly appreciate your quality of business and friendship and hope you get lots of business from our recommendations. You are special to us. Also, thanks for the award you gave to Adam Wallace. He is Don’s cousin and we watched him grow up to be the nice young man he is. He is already getting much respect from Ashland College. We are sure he’ll do a good job there.

    Thank you so much for all you did for us. Having never had a bad accident before, we did not know what to expect, but we were made to feel relaxed and assured we would be OK.”

  • KH
    We will always use The Insurance Centre for all of our needs...Read Full Review

    “When I was in my car accident I didn’t know what to do. It was my first car accident and I was worried about what was going to happen. I called Tina at the Insurance Centre and she took down all the information and got to work right away. Within 1 hour she was able to get the case number from the other insurance company and get the ball rolling. We were determined to try and handle this ourselves, but as soon as we started getting the run around from the other insurance company, Ron stepped in and handled everything perfectly. We ended up filing the claim through Erie, and within no time they were able to handle the claim and get us settled and in a new car. Ron and Tina were very helpful in answering all our questions and we were very pleased with the results. We will always use The Insurance Centre for all of our needs because they go over and above the call of duty to make sure that their clients are happy.”

  • CC
    They got me back on my feet, and helped me move forward with my life.Read Full Review

    “I lost my home, and business on June 25th of 2002. My world came crashing down that day and I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I would ever be able to recover. Ron Osiecki from The Insurance Centre Agency was there from the start. He came to the fire and made sure I had money for necessities and had a place to sleep that night. The paperwork was not fun, but Ron walked me through everything, and more importantly he was always there while I dealt with the adjuster. Any time I had a question or was frustrated, Ron would immediately call and get an answer for me. I am thankful that I chose The Insurance Centre Agency as my insurance provider. They got me back on my feet, and helped me move forward with my life.”

  • GF
    We would highly recommend the Insurance Centre Agency...Read Full Review

    “Our Agent, Ron Osiecki and his staff treat us as personal friends, not as clients. They are definitely looking out for our family. They not only provide our home and autos the best coverage, but the rates are outstanding.When our home and property were damaged by the tornado, our agent, Ron Osiecki was on the scene. He assured us our home would be restored to pre-storm condition, and it was. The adjustor, who was very friendly, worked very well with us and our contractor. The adjustor would use his extensive knowledge from previous storm damage to have us check things that were overlooked for damage. Several times he was correct and our coverage was complete. We would highly recommend the Insurance Centre Agency – the agent and staff are honest, straight forward, loyal, and treat all as personal friends.”